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New ride distance for me, and new route – beautiful cycling weather

Working steadily toward my goal of riding 67 miles on my 67th birthday, Don and I had a great 44 mile ride today. It was a new area for me — West Lake Buchanan around the back way to Llano … Continue reading

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I do love October

As long as you can sneak in between the little cold fronts that start whipping down this way, October in Central Texas is a month during which you can do just about anything outdoors you think you’re big enough to … Continue reading

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New math: 5K + 10 miles = 66

(updated 9/14/2010) Jennifer thinks I’ve lost my mind and today I set out to prove to her … that she’s probably right! Moreover, I’ve almost convinced myself.

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Thanks, Lady Bird

On the way to church it hit me:  I could take Jennifer to Austin to her “girl party” and take the bike down to the trails along Lady Bird Lake a/k/a Town Lake and Zilker Park. So I raced home … Continue reading

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Flat-landers conquering the Hill Country

(update:  after an extensive email repartee, the Llano-Castell route has now been officially named  Tour de Longneques — in recognition of one of the prime goals thereof, Lone Star Longnecks!) (further update — GPX file of the route and of … Continue reading

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Take a friend to work

No kidding. It’s a great idea. I took a friend to work today, spent almost 1-3/4 hours of quality time with just the two of us.  Went to Burnet together and the drive, just at good daylight was beautiful. The … Continue reading

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The wheel was truly an amazing invention

“Duh” says everyone. “What’s the big deal? Everyone knows that.”  But do we “intuit” it?  Look around you at all the wheels in your life. Car, baby carriage, gears in your watch (yes, grandchildren, there were and are watches with … Continue reading

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