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Tailwinds: what goes around, …

Don’t you love wind at your back? Really, literally or figuratively, it is a nice feeling to have the wind at your back. Tailwinds let you move either faster or with greater ease. Yesterday’s ride planning was to have a … Continue reading

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Some classics of Marble Falls: G.L. and Jeannette Jones

(Note: I’ve resumed an old quest to develop my genealogy database and in the process, stumbled across the following entry on http://www.rootsweb.com — from 2004 — which I had totally forgotten) The following is from an email I just sent … Continue reading

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Are the falls in Marble Falls marble?

Let’s take a look here at some of the formation. Here you see a bit of the remnants of the falls after the main part was blasted in 1951 or so when the lake was being formed. These rock formations … Continue reading

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