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Loving My Brain even more

I’ve talked before about PersonalBrain (www.thebrain.com). Watching a webinar on it now and my admiration grows. Still using Evernote and the pair works well, although not integrated. Advertisements

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Contextual thinking in the age of information abundance

Life was once simple:  I am hungry. I have a club. I know how to use the club. There is an animal. Whack! Now I have dinner. Move forward several eons and now: I am hungry. I know how to … Continue reading

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The brain as an exercise regimen

This is pretty interesting. Read the whole article. Happened to bump across this contemporaneously with my experimentation with the PersonalBrain knowledge management software. People have long envisaged the brain as being like a computer on standby, lying dormant until called … Continue reading

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Evernote — remember everything

Evernote: A very most special super program that gets rid of yellow stickies, or better, the grease pencil notes on the screen! Evernote’s site banner: And it really does all of that. And does it well. I am terribly torn … Continue reading

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The Brain — PersonalBrain that is

PersonalBrain is a fascinating program designed as a morph, or perhaps a better term is amalgamation, of a note-taking, knowledge-basing, mind-mapping, diagramming system. Succinctly, it is billed as “TheBrain – Visual Information Management.” For an educational and truly amazing example … Continue reading

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