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Giving thanks for America, and its exceptional people

What are you giving thanks for today? Family and friends, certainly. Our communities and churches. Our leaders. For health if we have it, or for the past years when we did.

For me, the appropriate giving of thanks is for America, for American Exceptionalism. And in that exceptionalism it must be recognized that it is its people and its Judeo-Christian roots from which this exceptional country has risen. Thus I give thanks for growing up in such a country, surrounded by the people and the ethical structures which have made America exceptional — unique in the history of the world — for such is, fundamentally, the source of all else for which we traditionally give thanks. Is all of that in danger? Continue reading

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Daniel Henninger: Capitalism Saved the Miners

A couple of days ago I pondered whether the main street media would cover the role of the U.S. in assisting the rescue. They did cover it, even giving some mention of the role of faith and prayer. Kudos for … Continue reading

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I’m an American citizen and …

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Sit down, shut up, and be an American

Phoney “political correctness” is eroding our freedoms. Read why Gil thinks so. Continue reading

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Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd

I previously posted this directly onto Facebook, but want to preserve and further share this marvelous moment. This former marine belts out the 2nd verse of “The Star Spangled Banner” — which I frankly never had heard. (lyrics below) It’s … Continue reading

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Roger L. Simon » Times Square: It’s the jihad, stupid

That statement seems so obvious. And it is, in my estimation.  Yet the attitude you see discussed in the following clip (and you should read the article) is the same attitude that has the United States of America revealing to … Continue reading

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Great explanation of Arizona’s need & a delineation of the true issues

(edited 5/2/2010) In the midst of the hue and cry over the Arizona immigration enforcement law (and it is simply about enforcement of existing laws), there is much hysterical rhetoric without an appreciation of the legal structure of the law … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico — the 51st state — stealth statehood in progress

In Congress, HR2499 is set for a vote on April 29, 2010 which many believe will inevitably lead to Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state.  Whether this is a good or bad thing is beside the point. The point is, … Continue reading

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San Francisco video … 1906

Courtesy of my friend Don Bynum, here is a great YouTube clip from a San Francisco cable car, in 1906. Here is Don’s explanation … or at least what he forwarded about it. The comments on YouTube are quite interesting … Continue reading

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From whence is all this “change we can believe in” coming?

Below you will first find some statements of principles gleaned from history. Then we will discuss some modern examples. I dare you to read these and think about them … whose principles are these? The principles the working class must … Continue reading

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