NOW he wants bipartisanship in Congress

The audacity of hope and change:  take a policy like Obama-care that 70% of the country rails against, cram it down the throats of Congress and the populace, have FORMER Speaker Polosi state “we have to pass it first and then see what’s in it,” and NOW the President wants bipartisanship!  That’s audacious at best.  As we used to say on the bridge of the aircraft carrier, “all ahead flank, right full rudder ….”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Saturday chided the two top Republicans in Congress, challenging his rivals to make a fresh start and build a bipartisan effort to boost growth after next week’s election.

Speaking three days before a midterm congressional election in which his Democrats are expected to suffer heavy losses, Obama said lawmakers had a “duty” to seek common ground.

“That’s why I found the recent comments by the top two Republicans in Congress so troubling,” Obama said in his weekly radio address, in which he urged Democrats and Republicans to work together on issues like extending middle-class tax cuts.

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One Response to NOW he wants bipartisanship in Congress

  1. donbynum says:

    He will not really want bipartisanship. he wants bipartisan support for his ideology. Not likely to happen. now, will he work with Republicans as Clinton, grudgingly, did after ’94. I mean really! Clinton happily claims credit for the budget “surplus” (in quotes because the bookkeeping that produced that result would have made Bernie Madoff blush enough to light up the east coast on a foggy night. But Clinton did give in on Welfare Reform, which was critical to the improvement.

    Obama has shown zero ability to set aside his very radical ideology to actually work with anyone who does not suck up and kiss away.

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