Study: Drinking, R-rated films linked in middle-schoolers –

This is big. One more example of where parenting really does make a difference.

Middle-schoolers who are forbidden to watch R-rated movies are less likely to start drinking than peers whose parents are more lenient about such films, new research on 2,406 children shows.

via Study: Drinking, R-rated films linked in middle-schoolers –

And, interestingly, that factor stands alone.

The outcome isn’t based on other parenting decisions, such as keeping greater tabs on children’s media use, says pediatrician James Sargent, co-author of the study and a professor at the school in Hanover, N.H.

What that means is that no matter how good the parenting is in other areas, neglecting to supervise the R-rated film viewing still has a devastating effect.  The article makes an additional important point that many PG-13 films really should be R rated … so you still have to be proactive and not simply rely on ratings.

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