From whence is all this “change we can believe in” coming?

Below you will first find some statements of principles gleaned from history. Then we will discuss some modern examples. I dare you to read these and think about them … whose principles are these?

The principles

  1. the working class must be equipped to defeat and smash the violent state force of the capitalists and replace the dictatorship of the capitalists by the dictatorship of the [people]. (1)
  2. … seeks the elimination of the notion of private property in order to gain control of the economic “means of production” by taking it from the . . . (the wealthy or propertied class) for the benefit of the . . . (working class.) (2)
  3. … goal was to bring about the end of history, by means of an eventual perfect, classless, utopian society (2)
  4. The slave frees himself when, of all the relations of private property, he abolishes only the relation of slavery and thereby becomes a [worker]; the [worker] can free himself only by abolishing private property in general. (3)
  5. … seeks to promote class warfare or, today, at least, class strife, and succeeds best where clear, major delineations exist between classes. (2)
  6. … the exploiters . . .  regard religion as a superb means of keeping the masses under their yoke; firstly, it makes them obedient to their exploiters and, secondly, it prevents the [people] from revolting through promising them a better lot after death. The [people] exploits no one, and so needs no religion. While morality and aesthetics are only subject to change, religion must vanish completely.(4)

Do we have any current examples of the implementation of these principles? These numbers correspond to the numbering above … and whose principles are these, anyway?

Current Examples

  1. That represents basic class warfare. Depict capitalism as bad and those who foster it as bad people, notwithstanding the fact that capitalism has made America the greatest country in the world, a fact which is objectively observable by the extremely high standard of living (relative to the rest of the world) of the so-called “working class.”
  2. A major portion of the auto industry has been nationalized through ownership of General Motors (60% government owned now) and co-opting of union support by outright bribery in attempting to exempt them from the new health care burdens. Starting with Medicare and continuing through the 2010 health care legislation, the medical industry has been simultaneously co-opted and compromised.  The energy sector is essentially being taken over at an increasingly rapid rate via regulation.
  3. It seems that every governmental influence around us has the aim of eliminating any distinction among people. When that is complete — should we sit idly by and allow it — our humanity will be gone. Schools reduce education to the lowest common denominator. Young soccer players all get trophies instead of letting them win or lose. Success is increasingly scorned instead of celebrated.
  4. Private property is taken by confiscatory taxes aimed at the producers of capital (and therefore jobs and economic growth).  Virtual nationalization of industry (examples above) eliminates private property. Projections are that within a decade 63% of all people will work for a government entity. That will not increase private property!
  5. Just read the news for a constant barrage of the drawing of delineations between “classes.”  I object to the entire idea of “classes” because the term in modern usage implies a difference in human worth, not a difference in economic status. There is nothing “evil” in the fact that economic differences result among people or groups of people whom you wish to describe as a member of an economic class. Everyone has a human worth to themselves, their family, and their community regardless of what they do or their economic worth. It is dishonest to create false distinctions between supposed “haves” and “have nots” and if successful, this ploy will finish the march to the point where those with their hand OUT exceed in number those offering a hand UP. We are near that point.
  6. I need give no examples of the constant attack on religion in this country.

Whodunit and Who_doing_it?

Now then … what is the genesis of those six principles that we see are still in play in modern America? What philosophy is set forth in those principles?  I suspect that in spite of my attempts to disguise the obvious you’ve figured it out.

It’s Marxism, pure and simple, and each of those principles have been embraced fully by … YOUR president.  OK, I know, I just called President Obama a Marxist … but I’m far from the first. Here is an excellent piece discussing why his many associations with known Marxists “probably” means that he too is a Marxist.

But, in philosophical terms, the connection claimed to exist between Obama and his Marxist associates is not merely logical, but causal. His life-long, self-selected connections with known Marxists are claimed to have had a causal influence on his own beliefs. And that is a vital distinction when examining one’s resultant behavior patterns.

It is probabilistic, not deductive, reasoning that best deals with causal relationships. While we cannot conclude with certainty from the truth of documented facts concerning his Marxist associations that Barack Obama himself is a Marxist, it is reasonable to conclude that there is a significant probability that he is and doing so commits no logical fallacy. So his associations are not, as his defenders maintain, irrelevant as evidence of his own beliefs. They are, in fact, determinant.

via Obama and Marxism: A Legitimate Question.

What are YOU doing about that today?  Will you continue to be part of the great “silent majority?”  What is your church doing about it?  Starting in the 1950s churches began to opt out of political controversy and the majority thereby became the “silent” majority.  What are your other organizations doing about it?

How about some CHANGE that WE can believe in?  Nobody can ignore the many problems (many created by the Marxists disguised under the label of “Progressives”) in American society that need correction, but we don’t need a fundamental change in the principles of an effective representative republic (the operative word there is “effective”), of capitalism, or of personal responsibility.

Let’s get the government back to protecting us from enemies … foreign or domestic … and away from taking “care” of us!

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