America: not of Judeo-Christian origin … really?

OK, you’re right. That was tongue-in-cheek. Try this quote from John Hancock:

John Hancock

” A Day of Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer, with a total abstinence from labor and recreation” in response to the beginning of the War for Independence – Proclamation on April 15, 1775 for May 11th.

In circumstances as dark as these, it becomes us, as Men and Christians, to reflect that whilst every prudent measure should be taken to ward off the impending judgments, …at the same time all confidence must be withheld from the means we use; and reposed only on that God rules in the armies of Heaven, and without His whole blessing, the best human counsels are but foolishness…

Resolved; …Thursday the 11th of May…to humble themselves before God under the heavy judgments felt and feared, to confess the sins that have deserved them, to implore the Forgiveness of all our transgressions, and a spirit of repentance and reformation …and a Blessing on the … Union of the American Colonies in Defense of their Rights [for which hitherto we desire to thank Almighty God]…That the people of Great Britain and their rulers may have their eyes opened to discern the things that shall make for the peace of the nation…for the redress of America’s many grievances, the restoration of all her invaded liberties, and their security to the latest generations.

via Call 2 Fall.  (Accessed 4/8/2010)

Not only was John Hancock one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, but he was the FIRST (thus the saying “put your john hancock on the dotted line). Recall that as the notion of independence was being fostered, the British were threatening, indeed promising, to take their property and even their lives.  So to be the first person to sign was truly a heroic act of bravery.


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One Response to America: not of Judeo-Christian origin … really?

  1. Gil Jones says:

    I hope that an appreciation of the foregoing (and hundreds of additional examples) might dissuade the following:

    Muslim Students Declare Trinity University’s ‘Year Of Our Lord’ Must Go

    In the chaos that followed the Civil War, Trinity University in San Antonio, Tex., was founded by the Cumberland Presbyterians in 1869. These Presbyterians were Calvinists who believed that education was vital to advancing a society.

    Fast-forward 141 years and this small liberal arts college of about 2,500 undergrads is under attack by a Muslim-led organization that has requested the removal of the words “In the Year of Our Lord” from the diplomas earned by their graduates.

    For those interested in the specifics here’s a snippet from Trinity’s press release:

    via » Muslim Students Declare Trinity University’s ‘Year Of Our Lord’ Must Go – Big Journalism. (

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