The arrogance of hand-washing

America is the greatest nation, filled with the greatest people with a wonderful culture, that civilization has ever known. Americans have led all of the modern progress in the world (not to diss Newton, et al). In the space of 100 years we’ve gone from transportation by buggy to being able to travel to and live in outer space. We are a nation where everyone with the desire can get a college education. We, the United States of America, have the mightiest military in the world which is headed by a civilian, the President, as its Commander-in-Chief.

Why then was it necessary for him, President Obama, to appear on national television to tell us to wash our hands, cough into our sleeves, and not go to work if we’re sick? That appearance demonstrates the height of arrogance (a) to feel the necessity for such control as to require the leader of the free world to tell us these things, and (b) to assume that we’re so daft as to have to be told these things.  Granted, most of us did not graduate from an Ivy League school and have not written two books about ourselves … but my mama taught me to wash my hands. How about yours?

Arrogance. It be arrogance. And that arrogance permeates not only the White House but most of federal government.


About Gil Jones

CPA/Attorney/Judge by training and trade. Hobby nut at heart with BMW m/c, computers, ham radio, kayak fishing, photography, hiking and, starting in 2010 some semi-serious running and bicycling (road and mountain bikes). Retired after 16 years on a Texas District Court bench and since 2013 have been mediating cases. I am a Credentialed Distinguished mediator (TMCA).
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