Chuck Schumer, the American People DO Care

The arrogance of Sen. Schumer is almost beyond belief. In case you missed it, he said

And let me say this, to all of the chattering class, that so much focuses on those little, tiny — yes, porky — amendments: The American people really don’t care.

and to really understand the arrogance, here’s the video:

Let’s put into perspective just what he’s talking about when referring to “those little, tiny — yes, porky — amendments ….”

Maybe when you’re a member of the political elite in charge of the nation’s massive budget you lose perspective of what is and is not tiny, but I’m looking at the list of pork projects included in the “stimulus” and they don’t see so tiny to me.  Here’s one list Ed Morrissey put together:

$2 billion earmark for FutureGen near zero emissions powerplant in Mattoon, IL
$39 billion slush fund for “state fiscal stabilization” bailout
$5.5 billion for making federal buildings “green” (including $448 million for DHS HQ)
$200 million for workplace safety in USDA facilities
$275 million for flood prevention
$65 million for watershed rehabilitation
$200 million for public computer centers at community colleges and libraries
$650 million for the DTV transition coupon program
$307 million for constructing NIST office buildings
$1 billion for administrative costs and construction of NOAA office buildings
$100 million for constructing U.S. Marshalls office buildings
$300 million for constructing FBI office buildings
$800 million for constructing Federal Prison System buildings and facilities
$10 million to fight Mexican gunrunners
$1.3 billion for NASA (including $450 million for “science” at NASA)
$100 million to clean up sites used in early U.S. atomic energy program
$10 million for urban canals
$2 billion for manufacturing advanced batteries for hybrid cars
$1.5 billion for carbon capture projects under sec. 703 of P.L. 110-140 (though section only authorizes $1 billion for five years)
$300 million for hybrid and electric cars for federal employees
$198 million to design and furnish the DHS headquarters
$255 million for “priority procurements” at Coast Guard (polar ice breaker)
$500 million for State and local fire stations
$180 million for construction of Bureau of Land Management facilities
$500 million for wildland fire management
$110 million for construction for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
$522 million for construction for the Bureau of Indian Affairs
$650 million for abandoned mine sites
$75 million for the Smithsonian Institution
$1.2 billion for summer jobs for youth
$412 million for CDC headquarters
$500 million earmark for NIH facilities in Bethesda, MD
$160 million for “volunteers” at the Corp. for National and Community Service
$750 earmark for the National Computer Center in MD
$224 million for International Boundary and Water Commission – U.S. and Mexico
$850 million for Amtrak
$100 million for lead paint hazard reduction

A few hundred million here, a few billion there, and pretty soon we’re talking about real money.  And you can find much, much more at

From the Say Anything blog (accessed 2/11/09)

We’re not talking about little or tiny, but it IS pork.

It is clear from our founding fathers construction of this representative republic that the intent was that regular people, citizens with a stake in the county, would serve in Congress for a short time. This was especially true in the House of Representatives and perhaps less so in the Senate, but that was nevertheless the intent. That is, that we had citizen-representation and not professional politicians — yet that’s what we have today.

What’s wrong with that? They lose touch with the people and become totally out of touch with reality. The polls indicated what, that around 75% of the American public did not want the bailout?

Yes, Chuck, they DO care.

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CPA/Attorney/Judge by training and trade. Hobby nut at heart with BMW m/c, computers, ham radio, kayak fishing, photography, hiking and, starting in 2010 some semi-serious running and bicycling (road and mountain bikes). Retired after 16 years on a Texas District Court bench and since 2013 have been mediating cases. I am a Credentialed Distinguished mediator (TMCA).
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2 Responses to Chuck Schumer, the American People DO Care

  1. Bill Laubach says:

    Gil – I have no comment in re Chuck Schumer. I do think that Ann Coulter is as insane as Nancy Pelosi, who I call Botox Nancy.

  2. Bill Laubach says:

    Gil – I enjoyed the travelog. I clicked on some of the links & have this comment. Ann Coulter is just as insane as Nancy Pelosi, who I have nicknamed Botox Nancy; but refrain from name-calling.

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