Newt Gingrich on the second holocaust

“Three nuclear weapons constitute a second Holocaust. Enemies are explicit in their desire to destroy us. We are sleepwalking through this as if diplomatic engagement will create a fiesta where we will all love one another. The terrorist threats are larger and more formidable than the political system in Israel or the US can cope with.”

Newt Gingrich on the Threat of a Nuclear Iran @ the Herzliya Conference

Article here . Americans for Victory Over Terrorism, (Feb. 1, 2007)

An interesting read from someone who is pretty darn level-headed. What ARE we (as a nation) doing about any of this. Newt talks about the ease, the possibility and indeed in his opinion the probability of a  nuclear event fostered if not actually accomplished by a nuclear-armed Iranian state.

Newt wrote:

If we have no strategy we will need to be intellectually honest to consider the next step once two cities have been destroyed. My grandchildren are in greater danger than I was throughout the Cold War. What stages are you in Israel going to take if tomorrow morning Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv would be destroyed? Similarly the US needs to consider what policies it would advance if in twenty four hours, Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco were destroyed. These threats will become even more imminent in two or five years time.

Being often naively confident in our national leaders I want to believe that “they” are actually thinking about these sorts of things. If the crashing of airliners into skyscrapers was not enough to get our leaders out of politician mode and into leadership mode then what indeed will it take?  Now you might think that the Speaker’s dire warnings are just alarmist in nature but this is a thinking man we’re hearing from. One with experience, insight and the ability to reason — and one with no apparent agenda.

Sure, one often hears suggestions that Newt run for president and my firm belief is that anyone who is willing to  prognosticate thusly — from a position of knowledge and historical perspective — should run for the highest office.

A Q&A followed his remarks and may be found on the conference website . The seventh annual Herziliya Conference, (Feb. 1, 2007).


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