The stimulus that isn’t

The Wall Street Journal calls it the “40-year Wish List”. Michelle calls it the “Generational Theft Act”. Others have started calling it the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Debt Act. Whatever name one gives it, the least likely is stimulus. The WSJ calculates that no more than 12 cents on the dollar in the trillion-dollar whale goes to actual economic stimulus, and that the rest go to Democratic wish lists for electoral advantage:

via Hot Air » Blog Archive » The Democratic Porkfest Bill of 2009.

Pay attention folks. While the pork is not in the form of classic “earmarks” it’s still pork. It’s one thing that the so-called “stimulus” bill is laden with pork, it’s quite another that it’s being marketed so dishonestly. Let’s look at it.

First, you can hear congressmen defending the bill because “it contains no earmarks.”  While that may be true in a technical and literal sense, it begs the true question thereby misleading the public — and that’s dishonest. We expect better from our citizen representatives who go to Washington temporarily out of a sense of duty and public service (I wish!).

Second, if the WSJ estimate is even remotely correct that only 12 cents on the dollar goes to stimulus, and much of what you hear about the plan is for projects that go far into the future, then the bill can’t be said to be about stimulus at all! Its major premise as a short-term stimulus to the economy fails.

Lastly, President Obama is himself conflicted about what to do and why.  About a week ago he states that only government can get us out of recession. Now, in the last day, he speaks Reaganesquely of the importance of private enterprise and how only business, large and small, can pull us out.

What? Has the President had an epiphany? Or is there some sort of “gaming” going on here.

There are promises that we will have a website where we can track every dollar and know exactly where it’s spent. Why can’t we know about the proposal in advance and be able to let our representatives know our thoughts and feelings? No, this is not a democracy where all the citizens get to decide issues, but we should be able to give (and the representatives listen to) our opinions. In this representative republic, that’s how it works … in theory.

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